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Nutrition catering

The company has its own A-level qualification central kitchen processing food or food package, professional cold, hot with dining car distribution, the whole process of high-quality service seamless docking.

(1) Professional management advantages

Hetang now has more than 100 middle and senior chefs of Hunan, Sichuan, Guangdong, Fujian and other southern and Northern flavors. They can be transferred according to the needs of customers to ensure the variety of dishes. According to the needs of different seasons and different groups of people, professional nutritionists will issue nutrition recipes to ensure balanced nutrition.

(2) The service mode is flexible and diverse

According to the actual needs of customers, Hetang can provide a variety of flexible cooperation modes, such as restaurant contracting, restaurant trusteeship, raw material distribution, restaurant personnel training, labor dispatch, etc., to truly meet your needs.

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