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Food distribution / vegetable processing

Hetang distributes and purchases all kinds of rice, edible oil, seasoning, fruits and vegetables, frozen products, meat, vegetables and other food materials for customers. The food raw materials are directly purchased from the production area, and are distributed in a unified way to ensure the quality. Using the "day, week, month" periodic quotation form, the risk of market price fluctuation is lower, and the customer's expenditure cost is estimated in advance; System order management, up to more than 1000 kinds of distributable ingredients, fully meet the chef menu development and dining staff dining nutrition needs.

Low cost advantages: the company has a pollution-free vegetable base + vegetable farmers ecological agricultural cooperatives in batch and unified distribution, large-scale source procurement of main and non-staple food, quality assurance and cost reduction.

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 Xiamen Hetang Catering Enterprise Management Co., Ltd