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Ministry of Education: firmly cut off the black hand of "taking food from the mouth" of children

The Ministry of Education held a press conference in Zhuhai, Guangdong yesterday. Wang Dengfeng, director of the Department of sports, health and art education of the Ministry of education, said that the Ministry of education would supervise the provinces with problems in the nutrition improvement plan to properly solve the problems and ensure food safety. Focus on interviewing the responsible person of relevant provinces, supervise and urge the timely rectification of campus food safety, and resolutely cut off the black hand of "snatching food from the mouth" of children.

Wang Dengfeng said that the key to ensure food safety on campus is to compact the responsibility. From the perspective of the school, we should implement the main responsibility of the canteen food safety, strengthen the supervision of all aspects of campus canteen work, open a good health education course, and do a good job in related work.

On September 9 this year, the Ministry of education, together with the General Administration of market supervision, the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, jointly deployed a joint action to rectify food safety problems.

Ma Rulin, deputy director of the food business department of the State Administration of market supervision, said that in view of the campus food safety problem, we should pay attention to the supervision responsibility of the market supervision department“ That is, we should use the "four strictest" to implement the supervision responsibility in accordance with the most stringent standards, the strictest supervision, the most severe punishment and the most serious accountability. " Ma Rulin said.

Ma Rulin pointed out that it is necessary to seriously investigate and deal with illegal behaviors of food safety on campus, strictly investigate and punish the behaviors of engaging in business services without obtaining production and operation licenses, regularly guide schools to find food safety risks, and supervise and urge rectification, and impose the most severe punishment on illegal behaviors found in food safety, and at the same time, according to the requirements of execution convergence, If a criminal offence is involved, it is necessary to link up the execution cases to the public security department and the procuratorial organ in a timely manner.

Ma Rulin said, "since September, market regulatory authorities in various regions have focused on people's livelihood concerns, based on the actual situation of food safety supervision on campus, to find out the problems deeply and accurately. Focusing on the school canteen, off campus catering units, small food shops and small restaurants around the campus, we should carefully investigate the risks and hidden dangers, pay close attention to the problems found, and promote the implementation of rectification measures to achieve effective results. "

It is reported that as of October 22, the school canteen, catering units and food operators around the campus have carried out 640000 self inspections, rectified and eliminated 130000 potential risks, removed 2793 food suppliers and replaced 4199 catering units; The market supervision department supervised and inspected the school canteen, catering units and food operators around the campus for 720000 times, and sampled 100000 pieces of food.

Wang Dengfeng said that the Ministry of education "will implement the system of accompanying meals for school leaders" and "the school canteen has a coverage rate of more than 80%. Municipalities directly under the central government, cities with separate plans and provincial capital cities strive to achieve full coverage", as quantitative indicators for special rectification of campus food safety. As of October 14, this year, the number of "bright kitchen" in school canteens across the country has reached 318600, accounting for 84% of the total number of school canteens. There are 52800 school canteens in municipalities directly under the central government, provincial capital cities and cities separately listed in the plan, accounting for 91% of the total number of school canteens.

Wang Dengfeng told reporters that in the next step, in accordance with the overall requirements of the Ministry of education's plan to solve the problem of food safety in schools and kindergartens, the school will carry out comprehensive environmental improvement actions, focusing on food safety and school environmental hygiene, and comprehensively promote the comprehensive environmental remediation of canteens, dormitories, classrooms, toilets and playgrounds, Improve the quality and level of school health and health education.

(source: China Youth Daily   Reporter Ye Yuting

Source: Official Website of the Ministry of Education)