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Heavy weight! Anxi won the title of "hometown of Chinese group meal"

News from our newspaper (reporter Su Lianjin) On the 25th, the 5th China Nutrition and health food industry summit forum, CO sponsored by China food newspaper, China Health Care Association and China food and drug enterprise quality and Safety Promotion Association, was held in Beijing. At the meeting, China Association for international exchange of urban and rural development and China Food News jointly awarded our county the title of "hometown of Chinese group meals".


In recent years, a group of young Anxi people have bravely taken part in the group food market, formed Anxi legion, and quickly expanded their territory in the group food market. According to incomplete statistics, at present, there are more than 500 group catering companies established by Anxi people, with an output value of more than 20 billion yuan; Anxi has more than 30000 employees, serves more than 5000 restaurants directly, and serves more than 5 million people a day. Its business covers the whole country and Southeast Asian countries along the belt and road.

With the continuous development of the group food market, people in waianxi have founded the Chinese food group, Lvdi, Shangshan, Baolong Hetang A group of large group meal management companies, such as Jiabao. Among them, as the representative of Anxi group meal innovation mode, Chinese food has built a league catering industry alliance with 189 alliance enterprises and more than 2000 restaurants, with annual sales of more than 9.3 billion yuan, covering 58 key cities in 23 provinces and 3 overseas cities, and innovating the unique competitive and cooperative development mode of group food industry. Rambo Wang, golden spoon Hetang , Jiabao, Shangshan and other enterprises are also on the way of financing and listing.

Up to now, our county's regiment catering enterprises have won a number of important honors, including the China group meal promotion development award, China's top 100 enterprises, China's catering industry's top 10 brands, China's student nutrition group meal's top 10 brands, China's top 100 canteens of the year, China's top 500 restaurants in the catering industry, Guangdong's good canteen of the year, China's food safety and health production commitment unit, etc, It has been highly recognized by the industry and the community.

At the meeting, Liu Xiaodong, the head of Lantian Township, accepted the plaque and made a speech on winning the prize. Liu Xiaodong said that after Anxi Tieguanyin and rattan iron craft capital, the hometown of Chinese group meals has become the third gilded business card of our county. As the birthplace of Anxi group meal industry, Lantian will closely grasp the east wind of the licensing of the hometown of Chinese group meal, set up county-level group meal Association, plan to hold an influential Chinese group meal conference, and invite China food news and other relevant media to carry out a series of comprehensive reports on Anxi group meal industry, so as to further expand and strengthen the group food industry in our county, Help our county's economic development to improve quality and efficiency.     [editor in charge: Su Jiancheng]